Majestic Pride Cattery, BC Canada

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M A J E S T I C   P R I D E   C A T T E R Y

Bengal Kittens

To date Majestic Pride has had no problems either importing or exporting into the United States. I also have authorization to ship to the European Union

I have more bengal kittens arriving soon!

Majestic Pride Coolio/ Majestic Pride Flawless Diamond

Coolio 1-400.JPG  Coolio 2-400.JPG

Flawless Diamond 350 1.JPG  Flawless Diamond 350 2.JPG

This is Majestic Pride Rock Star a keeper kittne

This lovely kitten is not yet 3 months old in these pictures. I am so glad to have this beautiful kitten in my program. Just look at Rock Star's structure and pattern for such a young kitten. I have been working for a long time to have it all; the darker cats and whited tummy. I have his Brother for sale at this time You will see him if you scroll down.

FD boy 1-1  

FD boy 1-2.JPG  

FD boy 1-3.JPG  

FD boy 1-6.JPG  FD boy 1-7.JPG  

FD boy 1-4.JPG  

FD boy 1-5.JPG  

  FD boy 1-9.JPG  

his kitten has a great personality he is just a love! He is really fuzzy more than the other two. He is also getting more and more colour everyday!
FD boy 2-1.JPG  

FD boy 2-2.JPG  

FD boy 2-3.JPG  FD boy 2-4.JPG  

FD boy 2-5.JPG  

FD boy 2-6.JPG  

This kitten I call Majestic Pride Majical Mayhem I will be keeping this kitten

I really love the look of the paw print pattern with all it's detail. Her wonderful head and best of all I love that is really dark kitten has a brilliantly whited tummy like her father
FD Girl 1.JPG  

FD boy 2-2.JPG  

FD Girl 3.JPG  FD Girl 4.JPG  

FD Girl 5.JPG  

FD Girl 6.JPG  FD Girl 7.JPG  

Adrenaline Rush Blanch Neige / Majestic Pride Petra

Adrenalin 350-2.jpg  Adrenalin 350.jpg

Petra 1-1-300.jpg  Petra 3-300.jpg

Petra had 5 kittens in total I have 3 of them available at this time

This kitten is Petra's Boy 1

This first boy what I cute boy all full of fun just look at his expression and beautiful head. The dark kittens are so dramatic as they lose their fuzz and their patterns develop, the they just pops with a combination of stunning rich contrasting colours.

petra boy 1-1.JPG  

petra boy 1-2.JPG  petra boy 1-3.JPG  

petra boy 1-4.JPG  FD boy 1-5.JPG  

This kitten is Petra's Boy 2

This second boy has amazing detail in his pattern especially over his shoulders. It is like he is wearing a royal robe with all that freckling! All the kittens are full of love. He will grow up to be a really stunning boy.
petra boy 2-1.JPG  

petra boy 2-2.JPG  

petra boy 2-3.JPG  petra boy 2-4.JPG  

petra boy 2-5.JPG  

This kitten is Petra's Girl 2

The little girl is as sweet as pie. A very pretty little golden girl. Her personality is a joy. You are more than welcome to come and see the kittens. Just let me know when you would like to come. The cat and kittens love when people come to visit.

petra Girl 2-1.JPG  

petra Girl 2-2.JPG  

petra Girl 2-3.JPG  petra Girl 2-4.JPG  

petra Girl 2-5.JPG  petra Girl 2-6.JPG  

petra Girl 2-7.JPG  

I have at this time a Retired queen MaraBella available for sale to a very special home and oh my goodness I have great kittens coming for the fall and winter I am really excited for them to arrive starting next month!!!