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Majestic Pride Bengals: Bengal Kittens & Cats For Sale

Let me introduce Majestic Pride Cattery, owned by Pamela Langevin.

       I love what I do and I would like to personally introduce you to Majestic Pride Bengals. I have been working with genetics and animals since I was very young. There is something magical about holding new life in your hands and knowing that you took part in its creation, well somewhat. I enjoy the trust that the mother cats have in me and how proud they are when they have their babies and how loudly they purr out their joy. Bengals babies are so exciting in many ways, as when they are born and wet you know you have a healthy baby and that in itself is exciting however, you cannot see the pattern properly on most till they dry out. As they dry it is a very thrilling experience to see what they transform into before your very eyes. What can be just as exciting is watching them go through the various stages from birth to 6-7 months of age. Some are clear coated and you can pretty much imagine what they will turn out like. Others can get so fuzzy it is literally hard to tell they are Bengals; then like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon the fuzz drops off and often the most amazing brilliant kitten presents itself. Sometimes you have to have nerves of steel and believe in your babies, as with some it can take quite a while for this to happen.

megala fuzzy kittens
Cute kittens playing look at the bottle brush tail

       Another magical part of this business for me is all of the people! Those of you who already have my cats , I cannot tell you how rewarding you all are to me! I rush to my computer each morning to read all the stories of your kitten's adventures. I get to talk to people all over the world and often people will send me wonderful pictures of their countries, catteries, cats, kittens, even their vacations! I have to tell you I love every minute of it. People share beautiful wallpaper and cute computer stories and let me into their lives, and I am so grateful.

Bengal Kitten For Sale
Water is so special when you can get your feet wet

       I work very hard to give the cats as much freedom and love as I can. Watching them play and show off and come for cuddles, then run and play again makes every day special.

       Showing is fun and challenging, this is where the hard work comes in. Studying what I need to be working towards, making it happen, working out pedigrees, trying new things and being confident in what has already worked. Talking through strategies with colleagues and presenting what we come up with to trained professional Judges. Watching and helping people all over the world present these animals and feeling their joy when they do well! Majestic Pride has kitten/cats winning in many countries throughout the world. I am so grateful and proud of the people who take the time to prepare and show them.

       I try to be there and work with anyone who has a problem of any kind if they will let me. No challenge is too great if we can make things better for both people and animals. I love my animals; however, I love my people just as much.

       Bengals themselves are fascinating animals and act more like a dog in many ways. They will be there waiting for you when you get home. They can really enjoy having company and can be trained to do most things you would train a dog to do. They can be taught to fetch better than most Labrador dogs. They are highly intelligent and are constantly amazing me on the things they are able to figure out! Animals are interesting, we love them dearly; however, they are not for everyone. Just like poodles or bullmastiffs are not for everyone, neither are Bengals and it is very important to match the people type to the breed type. Animals are also living beings and, like most living things, you get out of them what you put into them. If they feel afraid they will not love as much as if they have never known fear. I have to say, though , I have never had an animal love me as much as Bengals are capable of loving. They can love you with all their hearts. They are very intelligent and know that they do not have to put up with harsh treatment and and will rebel if they experience this. They are also very loyal to their people and if there is a conflict will jump in and do things to take the pressure of their favourite person and onto themselves. They will take sides and even try to protect those that have been kind to them. They are active cats and like to be able to get up a bit high. High enough to be able to survey the whole room. They can easily be taught their furniture and your furniture. It does take some time and training and well worth the time as Bengals love to Please!

shahia at the waterfall
shahia at the waterfall

       At Majestic Pride we breed for temperament and you only need to spend part of a day with these magnificent animals to see how wonderful they really are. People who would like to buy a Bengal from here are encouraged to come and play with them so the cats can show you what they are all about.

Bengal Cat For Sale
Noble Gold happy to get as much love as he can get!

       They are not only beautiful to look at, they have the softest pelt you could ever touch. We call it a pelt because of the wild cat influence. It does not feel like any domestic short- haired cats, more like that of a chinchilla. They also have a hollow hair shaft so when the sun hits the coat they glitter and sparkle, giving their already stunning coat a golden glitter like gold flakes in a stream., It is truly a thrill the first time you see this.

       I have shown horses a lot of my life and love movement. When I am working within my breeding program, movement and body type are just as important to me as colour of coat and pattern. I just love the way they can slink along like a truly wild cat and then come purring up to you like the average household pet. A beautiful coat cannot possibly look as beautiful if it is not on a grand body that moves with ease and elegance. Studying this and making sure this quality progresses with the breed is very important to me.

jackarta in yard
Jackarta is a good example of a kitten that moves like a wild cat

       Ah, and then there is the beautiful whited tummy, the trim that shows off and accents all the rest of the beautiful package. The final touch, the elusive gene that breeders have been trying to develop for 27 years. This is such a fun challenge as it is both hard to achieve and so wonderfully beautiful. I adore this challenge and it is coming along very well as have all the other qualities we are trying to bring out. The whited is the hardest and the most fun!

Batik over two years old
Look how wonderful they look with the white trim here on Batik a male over two years old now

       Some people have said Bengals are hypo-allergenic and that people who are allergic to cats are not allergic to them. This is not entirely true. They do have a different dander; this is usually what makes people allergic. It is true I have many Bengals in homes where the people are allergic to cats, however, not to the Bengals. I have also known people who are more allergic to the Bengals. If you have an allergy problem it is important to take the time to be sure before you get a kitten. I would encourage you to come and play with the cats and find out.

This being a relatively new breed, I hope through dedication to be a part of the evolution of the Bengal cat.

my goal is to produce a healthy, intelligent animal, with great temperament as well as beautiful bengal kittens and cats. All kittens will be home raised and handled daily. The cats not only have the run of our home, but also have a beautiful outdoor facility with trees and a huge waterfall and pond.

Group kittens
Group kittens

Waterfall 5
A yard for them to play