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W H I T E D   B E N G A L S

White Bengal Kittens


Majestic pride would like to proudly present Leopardstrail White Gold! I am so honoured that Kathy Ward would let me have this wonderful boy! His white is incredibly white as you can see from the pictures. He has a very nice rosetted pattern to go along with the gorgeous white trim. Now look at this cats head! It is to die for! Wonderful wild look with huge whisker pads, Strait long profile, deep chin, wonderful expression. The rich deep sunken eyes lined with black that give him the mysterious, exotic, wild look, we all adore. If all of this is not enough he is a purr muffin and all you have to do is touch him and the motor is just a purring. He loves everyone. Kathy did a wonderful job of bringing him up I could not be happier!

Majestic Pride Coolio

White Bengal Kittens For Sale

Coolio 3 WS.jpg

Coolio 2 WS.jpg

Leopardstrail White gold at almost 7 years old

White Belly Bengals

White Gold 2013-2.JPG

White Gold 1-1.JPG

White Gold 1-2.JPG

Ch Majestic Pride Batik as a mature bengal cat

Batik 21.JPG

IBatik 7.JPG

Batik 13.JPG

Batik 20.JPG

Majestic Pride Anna Beth as a mature cat

Anna Beth 2.jpg

IAnna Beth 1.jpg

Anna Beth 400.jpg

Majestic Frosted Passion as a mature cat

IWhite Gold 1-23.JPG

White Gold 1-26.JPG

IWhite Gold 1-27.JPG

White Gold 1-28.JPG

White Gold 1-29.JPG

Majestic Pride Fancy Frosting

Fancy a home grown girl is a really fun cat. Her and White Gold have many qualities with similarity and should make an amazing whited to whited breeding! I am excited! This cat although still too young to tell for sure has a brilliant white tummy. I love her striking big round eyes and huge whisker pads. I really love to watch is this little girl move, as she has that movement I am trying to keep strong in my cats. She has a lovely pattern to go with her Fancy Frosting. I particularly love the shoulder markings. It will be fun to see what comes out of this whited program in the next couple of years

Fancy 1-1.JPG

Fancy 1-2.JPG

Fancy 1-3.JPG

Fancy 1-4.JPG

Fancy 1-5.JPG

Fancy 1-6.JPG

Fancy 1-7.JPG

IFancy 1-9.JPG

Fancy 1-10.JPG

Fancy 1-11.JPG

Fancy 1-12.JPG

IFancy 1-13.JPG

Fancy 1-14.JPG

Fancy 1-17.JPG

IFancy 1-15.JPG

Fancy 1-16.JPG

IFancy 1-18.JPG

Fancy 1-19.JPG

Fancy 1-20.JPG

Majestic Pride Gold Mine

Gold Mine is my little home grown girl! There are many things I love about this girl! First is her almost magical looking white trim. It is so soft looking and white, to me it has a very elegant look to it. She, just like White gold has this wonderfully brilliant white tummy. This cat is so so soft to touch and is covered in the beautiful glitter. I cannot even imagine what White Gold and her will produce. She like White Gold has the Deep chin and strait strong profile. She is such a lovely cat to have around; I feel I am so fortunate to have her.

Gold Mine 15.jpg

Gold Mine 2-1.jpg

Gold Mine 2-2.jpg

Gold Mine 2-3.jpg

Gold Mine 2-4.jpg

Gold Mine 2-5.jpg

Gold Mine 2-6.jpg

Gold Mine 2-7.jpg

Gold Mine 20.jpg

Gold Mine 22.jpg

Gold mine 25.jpg

Gold Mine 26.jpg

Gold Mine 27.jpg

Gold Mine 24.jpg

Abundadots Cindy of Majestic Pride

Cindy 1-2.jpgCindy 1-1.jpg