Angle Kisses is such a beautiful cat! You cannot miss her in the group.  Her uniqueness is partially due to her very tight coat.  This coat helps her when she is swimming, and yes this cat loves to swim!  Her coat is so very soft and very tight and her body is long like the typical water cat.  Her pattern is deep in colour true chocolate encircled with a jet back out lines on a beautiful  cream background base coat.  Giving her a very exotic and strong looking pattern only usually seen on the wild cats!  I call her Angel Kisses as on both sides she has what looks like little wings over her shoulders.

If you look at her groin area you can see she has the stretchy skin of a tree cat.  This gives her the ability to jump should she want to in the trees I have for them to play in.  She is the first I have seen with the qualities of both the water and the tree cat.  I have an old wheel barrow at the back of the large pen that is propped up against the fence and she loves to sleep in it, the warmth of the sun makes it a wonderful place for a nice nap.

She is a cat of great beauty when she moves, she glides along smoothly almost as if she is floating.  I love how very strong she is for a small cat and moves with intent.  Just look a the large muscles in her hind quarters. Her whole body is extremely well balanced.   I so love just watching her. It is for sure a wonderful way to spend the afternoon!

Meadow Brook, what a pretty pretty cat!  Each rosette is completely outline with black and brown centers with a totally clear cream base coat, not as dark as some however  very uniform all over her body except her tummy which of course is completely whited. Accented by true black spots.  What is really exciting is her and Rock Star are out of the same litter!!  They I think look totally different.  I love the dark lines up her neck, small rounded ears set low on her head and perfect head type, deep chin and wonderful expression!  You can almost read her thought as she looks out though the leaves on the tree!

You can see the evolution of the fully whited tummy with black spots and the rosettes now are no longer spotted or orange.  The cats if you look on the whited page have come a very long ways from the start of the evolution of the whited tummy and the evenly places black outlined deeply contrasted rosettes.

This cat has as well the loveliest tremblement.   Full of love and loves to purr play and cuddle!  She always has a pretty song to sing! As you can see in the pictures amazing movement she to me is so elegant.  I put some pictures in so you can see how they run!  Bengals can really move when they want to.

Ritzy Chick first of all is most loving cat I have,  she is always there looking for special attention.  I love her a lot!

If you look through the pictures you may see how unique she is.  When she is playing the first thing you see is her beautiful emerald eyes that are so striking and the intensity of though that can be seen in her expression!  When she plays the tail is up and to ad a bit of flair tipped in a rounded position at the top.  Her eyes are eager showing you what she is playfully thinking.  She is playing and is trying to make it as fun as possible.

Her patten is striking, with a perfect flow with closed tri coloured pattern running down both sides.  She has a very beautiful clear base coat, black outlined rosettes with brown centers spaced almost the same on both sides.  Each rosette is well spaced and correct. A pattern like this is hard to fine and very beautiful to watch as she is walking along.  Movement is a big part of what makes Bengals special.  Her pattern can really flows as she moves along.  She however can move very differently depending on the situation or the thoughts she is having.  When she is more serious or perhaps hunting her whole demeaner changes as does the way she walks.  She gets focused, head down shoulder up just as a cheetah moves, I think she almost looks like a different cat when she does this.  It is really intriguing to see them change their poster depending on thought.  They actually take on the posture of a wild cat and hunter and still have the demeaner of a house cat.   Truthfully she is just playing the part.  In the pictures she stalking a feather on a stick.

I love just sitting with them watching them play.  Each cat seems to have their own way of catching your attention.

Indian summer is so full of fun and love she is a joy to have around! She loves to be picked up and hugged! Just look at the bold rich fall colours of this kittens vibrant Rust black outlined rosettes with the beautiful whited tummy. I love the wild look of her head and great profile. Born in the fall in one of the prettiest Indian summers we have had in a long time. Such a wonderful girl I love her so much!

I adore the clean fresh flow to her Bright tri coloured pattern, with lots of anchorage on her beautifully smooth tight light background coat. Look at the way she stands so square and correct and moves like a wild cat low and with intent, oh so graceful. I love her bright expression big whisker pads deep chin and wonderful curvature over her head. She accents herself with the striping that moves into tiny spotting on her legs that gives her elegance. To top it off just look she even has the whited tummy. She I think truly lives up to her name.

I love the diversity of the Bengals! The fact that so many people like so many different things about them, when it comes to colour, pattern and looks in general. It enables us as breeders to work and create in so many ways, I just love it. This little girl I think is just gorgeous in so many ways! I love the flow of here pattern and the details she has all through it with the fiery Rufus. The soft cream base coat that softens her look and gives a stunning contrast. She has the beautiful white expression of the wild cats to set all of this off. She is a good big girl with strong bone and correct structure. Her coat is one of the softest I have right now, Bengals are really soft she however; is exceptional. The thing that really strikes me when I look at here is her head, particularly her huge whisker pads, deep dark golden wild looking eyes and rounded ears so well placed. I think she looks allot like a cougar in one of the pictures! She moves beautifully and balances herself with her thick long tail. She is so fun to watch move about the cat enclosure. With all of this wild look she has the gentlest temperament.