Creating Comfort With Natural Light and a Large Open Area

I have been raising Bengals for 22 years now and I have learned so much and meet so so many wonderful loving people that have given me so much joy!

I have been working with people that want to develop their breeding/show programs and people that just would love a beautiful loving cat, that is tremendously intelligent for their families!

It has been for me a tremendously wonderful experience! So much love streams into my home from near and far. Thank you to all the people that have one of my Majestic Pride Cats.

Most importantly I have cared and worked with my cats. I love them all so dearly and I am always looking for ways to make them happy! It is important for me to be there for them; especially at birthing; however, it is also important to learn emotionally what keeps them healthy!

They have always had their big outdoor water fall, small trees to climb and a little house to sleep in, climb over and a waterfall to play in.

I also have learned with time that they really really love to climb big trees so they can look down at you and feel quite free, enjoy the sunshine and view. They wanted a big area to run around each morning as fast as they can go then Climb up a tree or two. I just recently build them a really big area with a very strong netting over top to keep them safe.


Bengals have originated from two different type of Asian Leopard cats. There are the tree dwellers and there are the water cats. Many Bengals these days have some of both in them. The build of each type is quite different. The tree cats and a very soft very plush coat. They have extra skin in their groin are so they can stretch out and jump from tree to tree. The cats that descended from the fisher cats have tight coats still very soft however their coats tighter coated and they do love water. These days many have both types.

I had the big waterfall with small trees and one big tree in the middle. I did notice for some that was all they needed however I also could see that the tree cats needed more. So, I now have a really big area with two large plum trees that have been trimmed to they can easily run up the branches and get really high. They now can look down at you and their world. In the morning they have space to run and run as much as they want. They have a little house with a heater and a fan with lot of jumping shelves and a running wheel for added entertainment. Now all my cats are all really happy!

People really enjoy coming to see them and the cats always love showing there home off them. Treats and love to everyone people and cats a like!

At Majestic Pride, It's All About Having Fun!