Tasu Gold from the moment he was born I knew I needed to keep this kitten! His look and patter is so the same as Majestic Pride Noble Gold most people from pictures cannot tell them apart. Just look at the flow of this cat both in pattern and body. Everything strong and smooth I love his thick tail that flows naturally off his body. His head as well, big deep chin, wide nose, big whisker pads, extremely deep chin, small well placed ears, beautiful round expressive eyes. Then when he rolls over the royal trim with his whited tummy. Yes he purrs and cuddles as well. A lot of years, tear, joy and hard work went into producing this kitten.

The magnificent Heat Stopper at 7 Months of age and still growing he is positively regal to look at! His structure is so solid and correct and he has a massive chest, big strong neck, body, frame, and bone all in perfect balance. His head is strong and correct accented with his small rounded ears set nicely to the side massive whisker pads and bright happy eyes. He is a joy to watch playing in the cat yard as his wonderful movement demands such presence, practically speaking to you with his glittering, beautiful flowing, outstanding pattern that is extraordinarily different. Thank you so much Sylvie Ghesquiere for the honor to have this outstanding boy!

I think this cat is probably one of the prettiest Bengals I have raised. The colours Rock Star are so vibrant with such extreme contrast you would swear he came from a jungle somewhere! When he moves, he slinks along with the movement of a wild cat and when the sun catches his coat it sparkles with glints of gold. Even with how dark he is he still carries the whited expression. This kitten in the pictures is only 5 ½ months old so he will be a big cat with good solid structure. Even his toes have the large knuckles typical of a wild cat.

This boy is stunning, he takes my breath away. There are so many things about him I love! He not only carries the Stunning elusive whited gene, very beautiful and correct head, deep chin big whisker pads, pink nose leather of the wild leopard cat, wonderful detail in his pattern and perfect structure. He has a lovely temperament to go with all this. The very special and dearest part of him is the is compilation of two of the dearest people in my life. He has in him all the many many years of Jean Mills hard work, working with the whited gene it has been a very special science. Jean passed the torch to a second wonderfully special and very dedicated personal friend of mine Kathy Word who has fallowed Jeans template of what a Bengal cat should be and look like. Kathy has worked for so many years as well to maintain and improve with time patents and skill. To produce Perfect Storm and epitome of a combination of both Jean Mills & Kathy Ward’s dream. Thank you so much Kathy for entrusting me with this amazing boy.

Dynamically clear Dark on light sheer fashionable example of Leopard pattern. I so love this kitten he has such beautifully black lines absolutely clear between the markings and so very correct in every way. The rosetting is even, clear and colourful now, I will put up new pictures soon as these ones were taken when he was only 4 months old you should see him now! He is a big kitten and his structure is solid and correct, perfectly balance. He moves like a dream and his temperament is awesome, he is so loving you can do anything with him! I absolutely love his head, he is bright and attentive I just couldn’t ask for more in a kitten. I love the exotic marking going over his head and down the back of his neck. I have three new boys all of which are out of my breeding or half my breeding and all of them carry for whited this should be a really exciting year coming up! Each of the boys as well are very good examples of completely different looks which is really fun! I just cannot wait for the kittens!

Each of my studs have different looks and I love that! Rhinestone Cowboy Is no exception, he is a very happy cat that is full of love and fun! Lots of detail in the pattern and has a truly very whited tummy. There are many outstanding cats in his Pedigree, as well as a combination of Colours and types. This means I can work with different queens to get different results however always of keeping the truly whited tummy. I'm always excited to see what comes with the different combinations of queens I put with him. He is thrilled to work with.

He loves to play and has lots of love to give! He enjoys being petted and his soft coat is full of glitter! His head is beautiful with his little ears, beautiful green eyes, and strong correct muzzle and profile.

He loves to play, and he loves attention! he also produces really beautiful kittens! I really enjoy playing with him. He has so much love to give!